The fascinating journey of Ballerina  Hosiery products.

The fascinating journey of Ballerina Hosiery products.

Ballerina Hosiery, Are our best selling lingerie items.

This blog post explores the fascinating journey of Ballerina products.


With over 150 sensual models of stockings and hold-ups and 60 pairs of unique tights, There is a pair for you to make you shine, embellish you and enhance your natural beauty and your inner power.

Ballerina hosiery products are made with noble yarns produced especially for you in an Italian factory with 100 years of tradition and high-quality production.

All Ballerina hosiery products are unique patterns, designed and hand-sketched with an eye for detail.

Give your legs elegance in a luxurious edition.

Ballerina has a simple secret to success The beautiful smell of the lingerie they produce with love. 

The smell – usually occurs unexpectedly that seduces with its scent, like sensual perfumes that enfold a woman’s legs. You will feel beautiful, confident and very feminine.

Tights and stockings that are unique to the touch giving sensuality and pleasure to you. Ballerina goes further, enfolding your skin like a mist and make you feel stunning, sexy and seductive.

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