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Getting the best out of stockings guide


With all things beauty and quality, our hosiery do come at a price. We want you to save money and get the best wear and for a long time to come. So we have assembled a few tips for you.

How to get the best out of your Ballerina Hosiery

Avoid those dreaded runs! 


When you get your new Ballerina hosiery, unpack them and run them under a cold tap until they are damp. 

Do not wring out.

Pop them in a large food bag, freeze overnight.

This firms up the individual fibres.

Take them out, allow them to defrost and dry.

  • Buy a pair the next size up to avoid over-stretching.
  • Invest in quality - Stay away from cheap super-markets
  • Don't roll them into a ball for storage!
  • Fold them neatly in half, one leg over the other. Fold in half again and place into your knicker drawer.
  • A light dusting of hairspray over your hosiery, will not only help to strengthen the fibres. It will stop your outer clothes from sticking to them.


After checking for stains and odours, the hosiery can go three wears before washing. Less is More 

Washing by hand is the best way, Time consuming but worth it

  • Always wear gloves, and remove any rings so as not to snag.
  • Wash the colours together.
  • Use cool water only
  • Use a laundry detergent or baby shampoo
  • Let the stockings soak for about ten minutes
  • Gently squeeze as you wash
  • Rinse with cool water
  • Do not wring them out.

If you do wash in a machine, put them in a laundry bag, or pillowcase. Don't tumble try. 

Hang by the waistband to retain the shape to dry.

Keep out of direct sunlight.


Hosiery is delicate! So the key is taking your TIME! 

  • Put them on last 
  • Remove any rings, and make sure your finger and toenails are not sharp! Wear gloves if needed.
  • Bunch up each leg until you can slip them in carefully, Then roll them up.
  • Let body cream completely dry before you put your stockings on.

By following our little guide, you will get years of use out of your Ballerina hosiery as well as pleasure!


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