Eyes wide open and looking fab!

October 05, 2019

Eyes wide open and looking fab!

Let’s face it our eyes are the windows to our souls and are the first thing anyone focuses on, so its only correct for them and yourself to have eyes that pop, look amazing and have lashes to kill for. Mascara is the perfect weapon to thicken, lengthen, darken and intensify your eyelashes and trust us when we say we have the perfect weapon for your make up bag. Mascara pulls back your lashes which lifts your tired eyelids from their trenches, this method brings any worn out eye back to its brighten state. How can we live without such a weapon..?! We cannot and you do not have to, 

Introducing the sell-out Avon True – 5 in one lash genius,

Avon True Lash Genius MascaraThis gold stick is the crown jewel of any makeup bag and we are so proud to shout from the rooftops that once you try it you will never use anything else again. The hype of this amazing product is all true, it's not hype for the sake of it, the results are true and it lives up to everything it states. Its is bursting with volume, gives length that will have you fluttering in an instant, it will define every lash with precision, lift the lashes to give your eyes a side effect that will prove popular with tired eyes and lastly it’s a deep dark black that gives your lashes intensity which lets face it its brilliant! 5 in 1 and all for under £10.

Your eyes are your most important feature so its crucial to not only us good quality products but also give them a helping hand to look their very best. With this mascara no matter what you have to face of a day you can do it with confidence and knowing you look amazing which you all deserve.

Some handy tips for keeping your mascara working well for you are


  • Never pump the brush into bottle, this overused technique allows too much air in which then will dry out your formula #error
  • Giving your lashes some prep with a curler will keep your results for longer when topping up with your mascara
  • Use an easy zigzag motion to achieve mega volume
  • Use the pointed end of your brush to get the hard to reach places like corners of the eyes
  • Liner added to the root of your lashes will give a bolder, luscious look
  • And try to keep your mouth closed as you apply …. Only kidding on this one, many of us do this!

This Avon Mascara took us even by surprise with it being the best selling item of our year - And the positive feedback both online and from our local customers has been overwhelmingly positive.

But don't take our word for it - See this Video from Bryony Blake "This mornings" make-up artist to Holly Willoughby. 


Order your magic CLICK HERE 5 in 1 mascara today, it sells out quickly and you will thanking us later! #happyeyes #mascara #5in1


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