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Avon Skin So Soft - Summer in a bottle

August 17, 2019

Avon Skin So Soft - Summer in a bottle - Quinn Beauty

One dry oil spray with two amazing uses ....

Avon Skin So Soft - Chard and Ilminster best seller

Skin So Soft Launched by Avon in 1961 currently at £3.50 is a dry oil spray which is Avon’s most iconic product and a No.1 Seller due to its fantastic uses.

This great product was for use on skin to keep it soft and moisture protected but since its launch it has now been classed as not only a great skin oil but also an insect repellent, Avon do not promote it as a direct use but state it may help but the feedback from our Chard and Ilminster customers tell us it does! 

The smell of this unique product immediately gives you a summer vibe, you think of holiday and dream of beaches, your skin is left supple and you will keep those pesky little bugs at may, sol in all honesty this is a win win and at £3.50 per bottle you cannot argue with it. Our customers all over Chard and Ilminster order a lot of this, it’s on hand for garden fun, those holidays jetting off to sunnier climates (as let’s face it summer in UK does not last too long!) and its even great just to have in your bag while you are out shopping or venturing to the park with the little ones. 

Dry skin is not nice for anyone, it leaves you feeling uncomfortable, your skin does not look its best and often has a uneven appearance but with this Dry oil spray you can be sure to keep your skin at its best at all times after a bath, during the day and just before bed. It has an easy spray nozzle which means no over spray and mucky floors. Bug bites are annoying, we all scratch even though we are told not to and this can sometimes lead to infection or scars, so stop this happening by spraying Skin soft all over but obviously always read instructions before use, we also recommend testing a small patch of skin first to check for any allergies.

Summer is for fun, memory building and do not let anything stop that. Use Skin So Soft aka summer in a bottle, keep your skin glowing and bug free with Skin So Soft

Avon via our online store are doing a GREAT OFFER -BUY 3 for 9 pounds - CLICK HERE to BUY IT

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