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A brief History of Avon

May 31, 2019

A brief History of Avon - Quinn Beauty

Did you know the first Avon Lady was

A Man

David H Mconnell; Founder of Avon

David H McConnell. Son of Irish Immigrants brought up on a farm in what was then rural New York. A travelling book salesman by trade.
As an incentive to buy, McConnell mixed his own perfume and gave them away as free samples.
The house-wives loved his perfume more than his books!

In 1886 the California perfume company was formed.

The first "Avon Lady" as they are now known as was a
Mrs P.F.E. Albee from New Hampshire. She was chosen as she lived in close proximity to the only railway station in her town.
This was at a time when only about 20% of American women worked outside the home, mainly in domestic service. 34 years before they got the vote, and virtually unheard of a woman running their own business.
Within 13 months the number of reps had risen to 5000. Today
worldwide it is in the region of 6 million, With 100,000 in the UK

in 1929 after McConnell visited England, He was so taken away with Shakespeare's home town, The name Avon started to appear on cosmetics ranges, But the company was not officially renamed to Avon until 1939, 2 years after his death.

Avon came to the UK in 1959

DING DONG Avon Calling

I have lost count the number of times I have heard this saying.
One of the longest and successful TV advert running from 1954 to 1967. So successful over 50 years later it is still remembered.


Avon sells around the world 4 Lipsticks and 2 Mascaras every second. It is also the largest seller of bubble bath in the world.

Skin So Soft.
Avon's famous product Skin So Soft was launched in 1961. Selling one every 10 seconds in the UK.
Designed as a moisturizer, but unofficially has been used as an insect repellant During the heat wave of 2018 it, without doubt, our top-selling product.

Avon Causes
Avon support women's causes including Domestic Violence and Breast Cancer.

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